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@ Ovations, 12th April 2019

In Japan, the "HEISEI" era will come to an end this month

and we'll have the new era "REIWA" from May 1st.

The names of eras are based on the reign of the emperors.

So we'll have a new emperor on May 1st.

I was born in the "SHOWA" era so this will be the second time for me

to experience the era's change.

When eras change, I always think about being a Japanese woman

and my connection to the Japanese cultural traditions.

So I decided to wear the Japanese traditional costume "KIMONO"

as a Japanese woman and sing "JAZZ" @ Ovations THIS FRIDAY, April 12th.

I don't know why I love singing jazz, but I get such deep feelings

when I sing songs from Great American Songbook.....

from Emi Takada News Letter on April 8th

It was a wonderful time with lovely audience and beautiful music!

Many thanks to everyone who came out to our show!

We had such fun, time just flew by!

We shared SPRING LOVE together!

Thank YOU!!

We'll be together again!🌹

Much LOVE,



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