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@ BIRDLAND, 19th September 2019

It was a memorable evening @ Birdland Jazz Club NYC on Sept 19th!

Since I had a mission to take my elderly parents to Niagara Falls,

I took a longer time to post these photos..

Now I'm back in Tokyo.

Thank you very much for your warmest support!

I had a wonderful time with my AMAZING band!!

A Brazilian couple came to see me after the show and said

how happy they were when they listened to some beautiful Brazilian songs..

It's great sharing music from the heart

because it always reaches out to the true heart of the listener. I’m looking forward to telling more true stories from my favorite beautiful songs!

We’ll be together again!🌹

Thank you! Much LOVE, Emi

Dwayne 'Cook' Broadnax (ds)

Emi Takada (vo)

Marion Cowings (Guest Vo, per) Joe Davidian (p)

Noriko Ueda (b)

Paul Meyers (g)


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